British Swimmers Throw Down The Gauntlet To Michael Phelps

British Swimmers Throw Down The Gauntlet To Michael Phelps

Stockport-based swimmers Michael Rock & James Goddard, Bath-based Chris Walker-Hebborn, and Aberdeen's Hannah Miley share their thoughts on the highly anticipated British Gas Duel in the Pool, taking place at the Manchester Aquatic Centre on the 18th and 19th of December.

They will join other British swimmers and the rest of the E-Stars team from Italy & Germany, for a head-to-head showdown against the might of the US team, and say that they and the other Europeans are ready for the challenge. The format of the event is unique - the programme is made up of straight finals with no heats, therefore there is just one opportunity for the swimmers to get it right on the day.

The event will also be one of the last opportunities for international competitors to use performance-enhancing body suits; from the beginning of the year new regulations come into effect banning all non-FINA approved costumes.

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